About Universal Transit Sarl

Universal Transit Sarl is a Cameroon-based company specialized in delivering dedicated care for high value and time-sensitive cargo. With Cameroon as the heart of the CEMAC region, and with Chad and the Central African Republic being its major route to all its heavy shipments, Universal Transit has offices in both Ndjamena and Bangui to overcome all your global supply chain hurdles with cost-effective and time-efficient deliveries

Having been subcontractors for over a decade, we are taking the bull by its horns with a highly dynamic, young, talented staff aimed at demystifying transport and logistics in the sub-region. The peculiarities of Universal Transit is found in its team.

Digitization and facilitation are what plays our magic. With us, every client is a clearing agent as you have up-to-date, 24/7, and a minute-by-minute/step-by-step status on your shipment via our online tracking system and standby live chat assistance.

We aim at bringing transport and logistics as simple and direct to the CEMAC region with major movers like the UN and other heavy equipment companies like petroleum and energy companies having all their desired equipment required to facilitate their work delivered on time and with transparent ease. With a carefully selected choice of premium carriers, both by air and sea, and with standby trailers for road transport, Universal Transit is ever ready to drive your dreams to your destination and on time.


Every member of the Universal Transit team possesses a wealth of expertise in logistics and shares a deep desire to satisfy our customers. As a team, we value hard work, dedication to what we do, and integrity in all tasks at hand. These qualities, combined with knowledge of the past, current, and future logistics issues place us in the best position to provide you with the most successful logistics solutions across the African logistics market.

This valued team of ours has helped us to build a clientele of personalities in the business world ranging from small exporters and importers to large multinational corporations who are moving great volumes of freight globally. Click here to view our team member profiles.

To be a leader in the global logistics industry in Africa through consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations.

To empower our staff to create tailored, streamlined logistics solutions that deliver reliable and cost-effective value to our customers.